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Your startup toolbox on the go!

Any good entrepreneur needs a simple and effective tool to work on the next idea that will revolutionize the business world. With Canvolio you will be able to design your business with the model templates that have proven themselves in the industry.





The many possibilities of Canvolio

Canvolio App Highlights

We are proud to introduce Canvolio a new tool to design and collect all your creative projects.

• Keep your projects safe right on your tablet, no online account required
• Manage an unlimited number of projects and as many templates as you want per project
• Great selection of canvases, Lean Canvas, SWOT, Kanban, 5 Forces, Empathy Map
• Export your canvases to your prefered apps: social networks, image library, email, printer or AirDrop
• Very simple and intuitive interface, just move your notes on the canvas
• Standardized gestures, tap, double tap, press & hold ...

Starting a business is an adventure! Working with Canvolio is going to be even more exciting!
Experience Canvolio to start a new business with your choices of canvases

Experiencing Canvolio

As an entrepreneur or creative type you want an ideation tool that is simple and intuitive enough so that you can BE in this moment of inspiration. With Canvolio, your best ideas and innovations are at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.